Vella Bath & Kitchen

When we started Rochester Culinary at Vella in 2010, we wanted to share our passion of food. We created a wonderful culinary center with a warm and inviting atmosphere and invited many great chefs to showcase their skills. One class at a time we met new friends and working together, we created wonderful meals. The classes, overall experiences, and memories gained have certainly surpassed everyone's expectations.

It's been a remarkable journey and we truly feel blessed to have been part of what we can say has been more than a business venture; it's been meaningful. After much thought, we have decided to not continue our culinary classes; at least for the near future. We are looking forward to spending more time with our families and devote more attention to our successful kitchen and bath remodeling business. In the future, we may restart our classes and we will definitely keep in touch. Until then, continue to cook with passion and please visit the many restaurants that have supported us over the years!
Vella Culinary Center